Optimizing reliability of Solar Inverters is a key requirement to maximize energy production of your solar energy plant and, in turn, your Return On Investment (ROI).

Voltaire Power technicians are specialists in SATCON® Inverters, with deep expertise in all brands of solar inverters.

Voltaire Power’s 5-Stage Approach to Solar Inverter Maintenance

  1. Planning
  2. On-Site Preventative Maintenance Inspection
  3. Report & Recommendations
  4. Corrective Maintenance
  5. Benefits


Voltaire Power’s Inverter Maintenance programs begins with an initial Planning Stage that includes identifying the solar inverter’s nameplate registration, and identifying historic performance, inspection details, repair history and previous maintenance inspection details.

Preventative On-Site Inspection

On-site inspection is performed by a SATCON-trained technician and based on our service contract. This inspection is designed to optimize the reliability and ‘mean time to failure’ of inverters on site, ensuring greater reliability and productivity of your solar plant.

Voltaire Power’s inspection provides a detailed view of the solar inverter’s condition and performance. This helps asset owners/managers to minimize downtime by identifying faults PRIOR to failure, ensuring optimal energy production and revenue. As part of the Preventative On-Site Inspection, Voltaire Power technicians assess the following:

Inverter ON: HMI display

Inverter OFF

Corrective Maintenance

Voltaire Power can perform repairs on a wide range of inverters. Combining the deep expertise of our technicians, access to a wide range of manufacturers’ data, and our diverse parts stock, we are able to support most corrective maintenance.

Voltaire Power will provide a detailed report to asset owners/managers, as part of our Inverter Maintenance program, detailing the repair(s) involved and, where possible, showing the root cause of any failure so that future failures can be avoided.

Report & Recommendations

Voltaire Power can, under contract, carry out regular reviews of your solar inverters to measure performance and ensure continuous improvement. On a quarterly basis, we can identify and analyse fault codes from any repair reports and, combined with findings from our inspections, make recommendations for further actions to improve reliability.

Benefits of Our Maintenance Program

Our proactive approach to Inverter Maintenance is designed to reduce downtime due to inverter faults as much as possible. By combining effective planning, preventative and corrective maintenance, Voltaire Power can cost-effectively inspect, repair and provide informative reports and recommendations to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI).

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