Key to ensuring optimal ROI from your solar site is On-Site Maintenance and Inspection.
This includes 3 main stages:

Preliminary Assessment

Prior to visiting the solar plant, Voltaire Power technicians conduct a Preliminary Assessment, examining data from the site’s monitoring solution (if any), and assessing the commissioning plan as well as site-specific safety plan (we can draft one, if required, using the system ‘as built’ plan).

On-site Visual Inspection

Voltaire Power’s on-site visual inspection will vary somewhat depending on the site itself. For example, a ground mount solar plant will need to be inspected for vegetation and erosion issues, whereas a rooftop system will need to identify water damming and other roof-specific issues.

A minimum of two trained Voltaire Power personnel will implement the on-site visual inspection, completing a Field Report Checklist Evaluation of array(s), inverters, combiners, disconnects, meters and monitoring solution (if any). They will bring with them tools, a field report and system profile, along with the safety plan and site electrical plan.

Solar array inspection includes, of course, all specifics you request in your maintenance agreement with Voltaire Power. IR thermography and I-V curve tracing are employed as part of the comprehensive assessment of the entire plant.

Report Presentation

After the on-site visual inspection, Voltaire Power analysts evaluate the field report compilation, comparing current conditions with previous extant reports, as well as the initial commissioning report.

Voltaire Power presents you with our Report Findings and Recommendations for corrective action where needed. We can generate proposals for action to be implemented by Voltaire Power, as well as Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for 3rd party vendors.

Voltaire Power’s On-site Maintenance and Inspection will ensure your solar plant is operating at peak efficiency, optimizing energy production and for your maximum Return on Investment.

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