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Miles Utility SolarVoltaire Power has more than 30 years of collective experience in dealing with all aspects of solar plant operations.  Some of the tasks we have undertaken include the following:

Business Development Assistance

  1. Provide technical support to your Business Development and Sales team in developing contracts to secure projects and clients
  2. Work with legal, procurement team to negotiate and administer EPC contracts.
  3. Coordinate with suppliers for JIT deliveries of all required components with the logistic team within budget and timelines, commitment to safety, quality and ethics

Design & Permitting

  1. Coordinate with internal teams for IESO documentation and field audits
  1. Coordinate with the legal, finance and accounting, O&M, landlords, EPC contractors, and suppliers to manage asset portfolios
  2. Manage all regulatory and compliance matters related to the portfolios.
  3. Manage building permit applications, and coordinate with various external players (regulatory offices, government, clients, contractors, etc.)
  4. Collaborate with D&E team for the release of tender drawings, and timely release of IFCs for project construction
  5. Analyze shop and tender drawing before issuing to EPC contractors

Project Management

  1. Experience in planning, execution of projects with excellent budget control,
  2. Experience in managing Health & Safety as a key member of H&S committees
  3. Manage utility-scale and distributed generation (DG) solar PV systems across Canada and the United States to ensure ROI targets for stakeholders and Investors
  4. Ensure IESO requirements are met with the highest quality PV Modules, racking, Inverters, and balance of systems for CGS projects
  5. Develop and manage project budgets
  6. Negotiate with suppliers and EPC contractors
  7. Manage EPC Contracts
  8. Manage build out of utility scale and rooftop solar plants, through the project development stage to completion and hand-over to client
  9. Negotiate contracts and manage revisions with EPC contractors to secure improved profit margins;
  10. Create best practices for rooftop project management to reduce operation cost and shorten project construction cycle;
  11. Directly manage subcontractors to ensure smooth project construction, commissioning within time and budget

Operating & Maintenance

  1. Supervise daily alerts team and O&M subcontractors to ensure minimal downtime and optimal generation.
  2. Develop project portfolio budget and control costs, variances, project cash flows, and project returns
  3. Identify and resolve issues to reconcile the monthly Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable balances; reporting balances to internal stakeholders
  4. Manage removal and reinstallation of distributed projects while ensuring minimum downtime and impact to project timelines
  1. Develop annual O&M budgets and manage cost control, variances, project cash flows, and project return
  2. Communicate all major project activities to project owners via weekly and monthly reporting.
  3. Coordinate with 24/7 monitoring center (ROC) and Operations & Maintenance teams to develop efficient maintenance strategies across rooftop (distributed generation) projects;
  4. Create Operations Handbook
  5. best practice in rooftop solar project construction, land lease management, liability insurance, contracts and risk management;
  6. Manage turnkey projects from project development to operation and maintenance
  7. Communicate with ESA and, LDC, OPA and other government agencies for smooth implementation of projects
  8. Conduct post-project analysis of all the process to improve the cost and quality of project construction

Skills Transfer

  1. Develop and coach in-house field service technicians to develop efficient maintenance strategies for DG projects in order to maintain availability targets (99% electrical Availability)
  2. Hire and develop CGS team of engineers, field technicians, and accounting staff

Warranty Management

  1. Coordinate with the legal and other warranty management teams to ensure the smooth operation of Assets
  2. Advise the warranty management team to assist in resolving any, and all post-construction issues for solar projects

If you would like to find out what we could do for you, send us an email and let’s talk about your project.  We want it to work for you[email protected]





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