O & M

Operating & Maintenance

Conferring at plant

Voltaire Power can perform entire O&M function or individual tasks within the function.

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  • Develop annual O&M budgets and manage cost control, variances, project cash flows, and project return
  • Perform individual tasks such as grass cutting, snow removal, panel cleaning on a schedule or as required
  • Supervise daily alerts team and O&M subcontractors to ensure minimal downtime and optimal generation.
  • Identify and resolve issues to reconcile the monthly Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable balances; reporting balances to internal stakeholders
  • Manage removal and reinstallation of distributed projects while ensuring minimum downtime and impact to project timelines
  • Communicate all major project activities to project owners via weekly and monthly reporting.
  • Coordinate with 24/7 monitoring center and Operations & Maintenance teams to develop efficient maintenance strategies across rooftop (distributed generation) projects;
  • Create Operations Handbook
  • Utilize best practice in rooftop solar project construction, land lease management, liability insurance, contracts and risk management;
  • Manage turnkey projects from project development to operation and maintenance
  • Communicate with ESA, LDC, and other government agencies for smooth implementation of projects
  • Conduct post-project analysis of all the processes to improve the cost and quality of project construction
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