Midnight Solar MNBH Disconnect Panel

Midnite Solar
MN Birdhouse, Red
Emergency Disconnect Panel

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The MidNite Solar MNBH Disconnect Panel is a firefighter / service technician’s control device designed specifically for disconnecting rooftop photovoltaic (PV) panels and their inherently hazardous voltages from the building’s interior wiring in case of emergencies or system maintenance. The MNBH Disconnect Panel works in conjunction with MidNite Solar disconnecting combiners to provide workers the ability to disconnect power at the combiner before sending personnel onto the roof. Disconnecting power requires the simple press of a single button. This is required for the new 2014 NEC 690.12 Rapid System Shutdown code. The panel’s LED display gives system status and an automated speech synthesis system gives further situation specific instructions.

The MNBH Disconnect Panel is packaged in an attractive weather resistant enclosure designed to be mounted near rooftop access points such as doors and ladders, however it may be mounted at any location up to 500 meters from the combiner. There can also be up to three additional MNBH panels to provide PV disconnect capability in other areas of the building, as required by the installation.

The MNBH Disconnect Panel has four LEDs which show the current state of the system and features a large push button inside of a magnetically latched access door. Reflective side labels clearly identify the MNBH panel as the solar shutoff point. The door is simply opened and the big red button pressed to disconnect PV power at the combiner. The MNBH panel also features a voice announcement system that audibly gives the appropriate instructions to remind personnel in the area that there may still be voltages present near the PV panels. Internal rechargeable batteries provide temporary backup power in case of external power cutoff or failure. The MNBH panel also has a remote trip input and a software activated relay to allow the unit to be interfaced to other equipment such as an alarm system.


  • Hard wired connection gives positive feedback that the Disconnect on the roof has actually been thrown
    • Connection is via 600/1000v Cat 5 USE-2 cable
  • Up to four separate means of power including battery backup insures that the disconnect will be tripped when the button is pushed
  • Reflective side labels clearly identify the Birdhouse as the solar shutoff point
  • Voice confirms level of safety (day or night) to the person pushing the button
  • Nema 3R UV resistant enclosure
  • Able to disconnect multiple PV Disco Arcfault Combiners
  • Firefighter Approved
  • Meets NEC 2011 and 2014 NEC 690.12
  • UL Approved

PLEASE NOTE: For the Birdhouse to work with your disconnecting combiner you will need to purchase the power supply board MNDiscoPSB.

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