How Voltaire Power is helping meet the challenges of COVID-19?

Voltaire Power – COVID-19 Protocols


As a responsible corporate member of our community, Voltaire Power has developed a series of protocols ensuring safety of its employees, sub-contractors — as well as our clients and their staff — during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of Voltaire Power’s General Safety Plan:


Voltaire Power’s site-specific safety plan includes new protocols enabling the identification of close contact hazards, and tactics to mitigate these in specific contexts.

Each rooftop solar plant visit will require Voltaire Power technicians co-ordinating with building owners/managers to ensure social distancing within the building as well as on the solar plant itself. This procedure has been integrated into the individual site safety plan for each plant.

Social distancing on ground mount locations is, of course, much easier to maintain. However, this is still integrated into site safety plans and will be implemented on-site.

Sub-contractors employed by Voltaire Power are required to work in line with Voltaire Power’s COVID-19 protocols.

Supply Chain restrictions due to COVID-19 may sometimes occur as a result of cross-border regulations. While these may impact parts replacement, we have found these restrictions to be easing as the solar industry and its supply chains are accommodating the new reality.

Tracking team members for contact tracing is carried out by our management team on a daily basis. Health Canada guidelines are followed in all cases, and Voltaire Power continuously updates our protocols in line with changes in Health Canada guidelines.


Office work is being conducted remotely through all available technology, and non-essential business travel has ben curtailed.


Travel by air to workplaces is not considered to be ‘best practice’ at this time. Voltaire Power has identified and vetted trusted sub-contractors in out-of-province locations to perform work, measure and report results and conform to our high standards of customer care.